Free Real Estate Reports

FREE Real Estate Reports

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The following FREE reports offer solutions to common real estate problems, as well as information to allow you to maximize your residential real estate experience.  All reports are from the Magic Real Estate Team's' copyrighted Library of Real Estate Solutions:

  • Hiring a Realtor.   Ten Questions You Should Absolutely Get Answered by a Realtor Before You Hire Anyone to Sell Your Home. 
  • Six Most Common Mistakes Homeowners Make When Moving to a Larger Home.  Learn what to do before you move.
  • Facing Foreclosure.  Strategies on how to negotiate with the banker, what you must have in place, and how to sell your home before the bank takes it, written by a former banker.
  • How to Stop Wasting Money On Rent and Own Your Own Home.  A Step-by-Step Guide for the first-time home buyer, on when to buy, how to begin your home search, and what to look for to get the best value for your money.
  • Divorce and Your Home.   A straightforward report offering specific information and answers on how a divorce affects your home, your mortgage, your budget, your lifestyle, and taxes.   Find out how to make this part of your current situation less stressful, making critical decisions easier.
  • Relocating to Metro Atlanta;  Avoid the Ten Worst Mistakes Transferees Make.  Important information for avoiding costly and stressful mistakes when relocating.
  • Ten Things You Must Do to Get Top Dollar for Your Home.  A crucial report to read and act on before you sell your home.  This report could mean THOUSANDS of extra dollars in your pocket.
  • Empty Nesters A Guide to Your Options.  Should you downsize?  What is a reverse mortgage?  How do you get the most equity out of your home? 
  • Ten Top Mistakes When Financing Real Estate.  Written by a retired banker, this report reveals insider information that you MUST learn before you sign any loan documents.
  • Estate Sales.  15 Tested Tips to Sell Inherited Property.
  • Your Children & Moving.  How to help your children, whether teenagers or younger, adjust to a move with less trauma.
  • Investors.  How to Invest in Today's Real Estate Market.   An up-to-date insiders report for investing in today's economy. 

Simply email us at with the name of the report you want in the subject line, and we'll get it right out to you.  We always respect your on line privacy.  We promise NO pressure!

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